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Pebble Technology, Inc. recommends that pool owners "balance" their pool water using the "Langlier Saturation Index" (chart found at http://www.whitmer.com/saturation_index.htm). This system takes into account pH, alkalinity, water temperature, chlorine and calcium hardness. We recommend that for the first 30 days pH and alkalinity be monitored regularly as they can directly affect the appearance of the surface. It might help to maintain levels of pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness toward the lower end of the index. Keep in mind, based on your water source, you may need to add "muriatic acid" to your new pool 2 to 3 times per week during the first month. After 30 days, the pool should be checked 1 to 2 times per week and adjusted accordingly. If your finish is a darker color, in particular black, it is even more important that you follow these instructions. Do not chlorinate your pool until water is filtered and pH and alkalinity are acceptable. Chlorine is highly reactive and can cause metals or minerals to precipitate (cloud water, scale and/or stain). A number of pool supply retail stores have computerized testing equipment to help you monitor these factors as well as others (cyanuric acid, metals, etc.).

Regularly Recommended Levels:

pH     7.4 to 7.6
Alkalinity     80 to 120 ppm
Calcium Hardness     200 to 400 ppm

Jack's Magic Products, Inc. has the "stuff" for your pool!

A sequestering agent, such as the Jack's Magic Purple Stuff (found at www.jacksmagic.com) may be used regularly. The Purple Stuff is a one-of-a-kind stain preventative for use specifically with salt chlorine generating systems. Traditional sequestering agents simply can't handle the demand that high salt and high TDS (total dissolved solids) put on them. Most products are not effective in these situations, but The Purple Stuff was designed for it! In addition to preventing swimming pool staining, The Purple Stuff also helps keep the chlorine generator's cells from developing scale, which makes maintenance significantly easier. Like The Pink Stuff and The Blue Stuff, the Sequest Test Kit is actually designed to measure the current level of The Purple Stuff in the water. This helps to ensure you have enough product in the water to prevent staining from occurring. If you don't add enough product, the pool is not protected and stains can develop even though you thought you were preventing them.

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